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Semi-professional Tripod Series

This semi-professional tripod is used the human body engineering principle design, it's lightweight, flexible handling and easy to use. It's mainly made of duarable aluminum alloy, with high strength, and super stablitity. It's a great choice for both indoor and outdoor photographing.

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Semi-professional Camera Tripod Series


semi-prof tripod series


Semi-prof tripod ball head

Ball Head

Ball head with Sphere design, quick release platform, and single-knob lock system.


Semi-prof tripod series

Pull-out angle adjustment system

Pull-out angle adjustment system, makes it so easy to adjust each leg.

Hook for adding accessories to optimize stability.


semi-prof tripod series


Invertible center column

Invertible center column for macro photographing.


semi-prof tripod series

Low-angle shooting

Different angle shooting and low-angle shooting are available.


semi-prof tripod series 

Speedy Flip leg locking system

Speedy Flip leg locking system, control the length of legs simply. 



semi-professipnal triod